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Wholesale Department

Wholesale Department

I will explore genuine things that sleep

all over the world and propose to Japan.



1. The power of foresight

Strong business with excellent content

· Planning products that can respond to changing times, continue to establish a businesses based on real needs.
· Offer authentic products with added value.
· Stay steps ahead of the market with leading products.
· Create products while taking advantage of our wide and powerful network with emerging countries as a base.

2. Strength to progress the business

The relentless spirit to explore items of universal values

· Taking advantage of our strength in human networking, to cherish the challenge spirit to continue exploring authenticity.
· Enrich Japan from a globalized standpoint by introducing resources, regardless of tangible and intangible, such as wisdom, materials and culture, sleeping all over the world.
· Introduce to the world the excellent materials, products, and new uses, of Made in Japan while proposing its uses in new fields.

3. Flexibility to face the market forces

Lifestyle + α proposal

· Entrench the micro cotton brand in Japan, which has presence in more than 40 countries, cause a larger movement through continuously introducing products which are lifestyle + α.
· Read excellent product overseas accurately according to the needs in Japan of goods that have not been discovered, and continue to introduce to the lifestyle scene.

Handling brand

​Micro Cotton

Microcotton places "basic to people and people friendly" as its basic philosophyIndia Sharadha company is India super long cotton developed for towel application.Indian peculiar sun, temperature difference,It is the finest cotton that nurtured climate such as natural environment.In the case of From Helios Holding Co., Ltd. in 2006 have been involved in micro cotton as a total selling source in Japan.

YuYu Bottle is an elongated water bottle designed in the UK in 2012.

This is not just another water bottle.

​The YuYu Bottle is a high quality bottle is wrapped in luxurious fabrics.

It is the warmest gift you can share with your loved ones.

Our mission is to share this unique, hot, stylish and luxurious gift with as many people as possible.

ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA is a high quality grooming product line for men,

which has been established in Italy, Milan since 1904.

The philosophy behind ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA is that customer care is sacred,

and the product line has been loved by many of Milan’s elite.

To use ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA products is to return to a nostalgic place.

The basic lineup produced with passion and tradition has not changed since the founding days and the start of a special history, just for the user.

Helios Holding Co., Ltd. is the Sole Distributor for ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA in Japan since 2017.

“RATHBORNES 1488” a candle maker founded in Dublin on 1488 A.D.


"Beyond The Pale Collection" combines the traditional recipe that has been handed down for over 500 years and combines the modern fragrance of romance and luxury that encapsulates the landscapes of Ireland.


In 2016, this New Brand UTILE4 was launched by “Walking Sticks Srl”; an Italian company that for 50 years, produced and provided walking sticks.


The shoehorns designed with the Italian craftsman’s soul, have a witty design with a playful spirit. All materials have been carefully chosen for it to be used on a regular base for a long time.


The brand name is originated from UTILE=USEFUL 4=FOR SHOES.

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