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Global Business Department

Global Business Department

Delivering Japan’s Technology and Quality to the World Stage.

The Global Business Department participates in various international aid projects mainly assisting the development of infrastructure, meanwhile advancing diversified business activities across the globe.

In 2016, in Bangladesh Helios Holding Co., Ltd. and conglomerate were qualified for two projects (ODA Project) for installing prepaid type gas meters; 200,000 units for Dhaka and 60,000 units for Chittagong. Currently while implementing the above project with offices established in both cities, all 100 staff members and global members work together as “one”.

Before our project in Bangladesh, there were no gas meters installed, therefore the gas fee was flat-rate for customers based on stove appliance type. This tariff caused wasting and mindset in regards to consumption of natural gas. Non-payment and gas theft were also a concern for gas distributors. Our gas meter prepaid system was introduced as a critical tool to help solve the dilemma.


Our system allowed the “Visualization of natural gas consumption”, due to the increased awareness based on our system emphasis on use cognition, 40% reduction of natural gas was reduced.

As we fortify our quality and security functions so as to meet the further demand for our gas metering system, Helios Holding Co., Ltd. will continue to emphasize the significance of the safe and fair delivery of valuable limited resources.


In addition to Bangladesh, we have ongoing activity in other parts of the World. Using the survey scheme supported by the Japanese Government, we are establishing a solid foothold in other regions by actively expanding in Latin America and Southeast Asia.


As a one of our business developments, Helios Holding Co., Ltd. is establishing “Tanita Health Program” cooperating with Tanita Co., Ltd., an acclaimed health company. This program, which utilizes the world's first mass produced body composition scale and high-precision activity monitor promotes health activities by bringing attention to the program participant’s physical parameters and activities.

The “Tanita Health Program” is being established in South Asia, South East Asia and Latin America.




Basic Survey on the introduction of IoT two-way communication prepaid type gas meter in Indonesia

(JICA SME / SDGs business support project)


Basic Survey on introduction of prepaid gas meter in Mexico (JICA SME Overseas Expansion Support Project)


Pre-paid gas meter installation project, order of 200,000 units in Dhaka City (JICA ODA loan project)

Pre-paid gas meter installation project, order of 60,000 units in Chittagong City (JICA ODA loan project)


FY2014 Selected in 2nd Overseas Deployment SME Support Project Study

"Survey on Project for Water Supply Development in Dhaka City"


FY2013 Adopted in 1st Private Technology Promotion Project for Social and Economic Development in Developing Countries

"Prepaid Gas Meter Promoting Business for General Households"


Dhaka Branch

Helios Holding Co.,Ltd. (Bangladesh)
House # 516/4,Lane #10 (6F), DOHS Baridhara, Dhaka-1206


Members at Dhaka branch

Chittagong Branch

Helios Holding Co.,Ltd. (Bangladesh)House #9, 3RD No3, North Khulishi, Chittagong-4225

Members at Chittagong branch

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