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Global Business Department

Global Business Department

The world that all people can benefit from.

The Global Business Division participates in ODA and infrastructure projects in developing countries.

More than three quarters of the world are called "developing countries" and we are currently developing businesses mainly in Bangladesh and Myanmar. In addition, we established a local subsidiary in both countries and are engaged in community-based activities. We try to respond with speed by taking advantage of various connections.

Through the ODA project, we will contribute to both the countries concerned and Japan.

Even now that the word "globalisation" has become commonplace, there are many people who need clean water and stable electricity. This fact is not irrelevant for Japan which imports about 80% of the energy required for daily living from overseas.

Under such circumstances, this department will expand its activities to the world through official development assistance (ODA) projects that will be undertaken through grant projects, and participate in infrastructure development related to gas and water supply in developing countries.

We continue to contribute to the realisation of a better world.

Currently, we are developing business mainly for Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Both countries gather the world's attention from the remarkable economic growth rate, but the infrastructure base to support it is inadequate and it hinders further development and the stable lives of people. We have set up overseas branches in both countries and are carrying out activities utilizing various connections. Moreover, by having a base in the field, we can respond with speed.

We believe that sustainable contribution, this is necessary for further development of the international community, and will build a win-win relationship.

Helios Holding Co.,Ltd. (Bangladesh)

Helios Holding Co.,Ltd. (Bangladesh)
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